Scroll Oil Free Screw Air Compressor


Product Manual

1.High Efficiency Airend

Use international advanced oil-free scroll compressor airend, imported bearings and lubricating
grease which can ensure the airend service life and reliability;
High precision dynamic vortex disk, static vortex plate and shell processing which can ensure the airend high efficiency;
Imported sealing material, compression chamber and lubrication transmission part separation, which can ensure the compressed air is absolutely oil-free.

2.Automatic interlock control and operations management

Intelligent microcomputer controller, combined with pressure, temperature, current, signal, alarm with 12 important indicators and 13 comprehensive security protection measures with Chinese and English display optional and maintenance time limit remind. The RS485 communication interface can realize several machines joint control. Concise and comprehensive to keep the customer informed of the machines’ situation in time.

Scroll Oil Free Screw Air Compressor