Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor With Mounted Tank



Product Manual

1.Low Energy Package Power

Featuring the lastest oil cooled IP65 permanent magnent motor with increased efficiency

over an IE3 motor

The Motor has a high operating temperature of 180 degress to ensure any motor demagnetisation

does not occur

The PM machine has a wide operating band from 25% to 100% speed making it one of the most

efficient machines on the market


The Oil Cooled PM rang of machines have a low operating noise of 68dB(A)

3.Constant Pressure

Vent to achieve constant pressure state  reflect the true sense of energy saving.

4.Easy to Maintain

A simple flip top design means that all components are easily accessible for maintenance

The compressor is 

also avaiable with optional locking wheels making the whole design convenient to use.


Technical Perameters