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Dry Oil Free Screw Air Compressor



Product Manual

1.Leading Technology

The durability of GHH Rand’s two stage compression airend uses high perfprmance rotors and durable bearings to ensure reliability Stainless stell seals and the unique design of the labyrinth seals mean that this unique is time tested

reliable and efficient

2.Stainless Stell Rotors

3.Highly efficienct inlet valve uses industry leading hydraulic regulating mechanism which has replaced

the pneumatic regulating mechanism. This can avoid the regularly replacement of pneumatic components,

an can also reduce unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs.

4.German high quality centrifugal fan
German manufactured ROSENBERG’s latest centrifugal fans, deliver large stable volumes of air offering maximum cooling.

This eliminates the problem of noise with larger horse power air cooled compressors, greatly reduce noise 5 ~ 6 db (A).

5.Venturi pipe can effectively prevent pressure flow and can avoid high frequency noise which can be caused by turbulence and vibration.

Technical Parameters

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