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Oil injected Screw Air Compressor Direct Driven



Product Manual

1.Automatic interlock control and operations management

Intelligent microcomputer controller, combined with pressure, temperature, current, signal, alarm with 12 important indicators and 13 comprehensive security protection measures with Chinese and English display optional and maintenance time limit remind. The RS485 communication interface can realize several machines joint control. Concise and comprehensive to keep the customer informed of the machines’ situation in time.

2.Oversize cooler

SCR’s oversized cooler is typically 30% larger then competitors machines. The large heat exchanger prevents overtemperature faults even in high ambient conditions. It also helps reduces carbon deposition phenomenon caused high temperature. The inner wall is treated with antiseptic treatment prolonging the service life.

3.Same speed drive direct driven structure

Type D use same speed drive is use to overcome the loss of power transmission efficiency under the drive of speed gear, the structure is not stable, many error problems, maximum energy savings and minimum maintenance costs.

4.German KTR coupling

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