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Go Suppliers & Services Pvt Ltd is an EPC Contractor. At GOSAS we offer Turnkey Solutions for your Compressed Air Needs through our experienced engineers, compressed air experts by providing the best possible solution for your compressed air problems. As a Compressed Air Experts, our concentration is on Modern, innovative, energy-efficient compressed air Solutions.

GOSAS want to be one of the preferred partners in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Industry focusing on delivering Turnkey Solutions. Our focus is to provide Energy efficient solutions in the field of Compressed Air. Our Values are Quality of Work, Experienced Engineers, and Comprehensive range of Equipment, Reliable Partner, Flexibility, Strong services and support

        GOSAS providing following services as an EPC Contractor:

  • Design & Supply of Complete Compressed Air Installations
    • Selection Suitable compressor capacity according to air demand analysis
    • Selection of appropriate dryers as per air quality demand
    • Selection of appropriate filter as per air quality demand
    • Appropriate air vessels sizing
    • Selection of appropriate downstream as per the required air quality on the basis of ISO standards for compressed air
  • Compressor Station Design
    • Plant layout
    • Compressor room layout
    • Recommended compressor room setup
    • Placement of equipment
    • Analysis of compressor room size, ventilation and area
  • Piping Layout Design & Construction
    • New Piping Designing
    • Piping Layouts 2d and 3d design
    • Calculation for appropriate piping selection
    • Existing Piping Evaluation
    • Piping Quality and Material Analysis
  • Turnkey Project Management
    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Procurement
    • Selection of Machines
    • Supply Equipment’s
    • Installation
  • Turnkey Installations
    • Selection equipment’s
    • Supply
    • Installation
    • commissioning
  • Monitoring Service
    • Demand Side Analysis
    • Distribution Side Analysis
    • Supply Side Analysis
    • Compressor efficiency test
    • Total compressed air consumption of plant
    • Compressor efficiency test
  • Turnkey Contract for Compressed Air Installations from Design, Equipment, Installation and Commissioning
  • Turnkey Installations, Turnkey Contracts for Plant Piping.
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