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Save up to 60% on your compressed power costs

Compressed air is regarded in the industry as one of the most expensive commodities to produce but it is often the last thing
to be considered when looking to save energy. 87% of the total input power is lost to heat generation so it’s crucial to select
the right compressor for the application.
Typically, the majority of air compressors are oversized
to cope with the occasional peak demand but when
demand is low a fixed speed machine can’t reduce the
amount of air it generates and will ‘unload’ venting air
that has just been produced to the atmosphere.
With a variable speed compressor, the machine will vary
the speed and air output to match the demand. As
power is linear to speed, if the compressor only has to
run 50% speed to match the demand, then the energy
consumption would also be 50%. Typical savings are
30% but could be as much as 60%!
The above chart compares an 11kW fixed speed machine running for
6000 hrs per year at 50% load against a variable speed PM2 machine.
This would give an annual saving of £2150 per year at 0.12p per kWh.
VSD-Permanent magnet efficiency
The PM2 inverter not only controls the speed of the AC Permanent Magnet Motor to match the demand, but it also provides
a pure soft start reducing startup current peaks and mechanical wear and tear. Unlike fixed speed compressors SCR’s PM2
series aren’t limited to the number of starts per hour allowing the machine to stop and start more frequently than a fixed
speed machine.

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