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Double Stage Screw Air Compressor



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1.High Efficiency Airend The rotors use the latest patented profile design, taking more than 20 procedures of precision engineering to guarantee the precision of the rotors profile. This design and manufacture offers high reliability and an extended operating life

2.Automatic interlock control and operations management Intelligent microcomputer controller, combined with pressure, temperature, current, signal, alarm with 12 important indicators and 13 comprehensive security protection measures with Chinese and English display optional and maintenance time limit remind. The RS485 communication interface can realize several machines  joint control. Concise and comprehensive to keep the customer informed of the machines’ situation in time.

3.German high quality centrifugal fan German ROSENBERG’s newest centrifugal fans, big cooling air volume, stable and uniform air pressure , full use of the heat dissipation area, good cooling effect. Totally conquer the problem of big horse power air cooling type compressors poor cooling effect problems.

4.High quality high efficiency specialised motor design

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