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Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressor



Product Manual

1.The PM and EPM range of SCR screw compressors unique oil cooled permanent magnet

motors  offer the highest motor efficiency ratings.

2.SCR’s oil cooled motors utilize the compressor oil lubrication system for cooling the motor

throughout the whole frequency range ensuring the motor temperature remains cool evenat low

speed running. Adequate motor cooling avoids high temperature demagnetization problems often

associated with Permanent Magnet technology. SCR’s PM motor is rated at 180 degrees Celsius

effectively avoiding demagnetisation issues

3.SCR’s PM motor is a fully enclosed IP65 structure, eliminating any dust or liquid ingress.

This protects the motor even in the harshest of environments.

4.The unique PM motor design offers reduced maintenance due to the bearing free motor design.

5.New generation super profile airend SCR’s Super profile airend, reduces air leakage and increases

the compression area, exceeding the national level of energy efficiency by 8%-10%. Due to the excellent

safety performance and high efficiency ratings, this makes SCR’s airend the customers first choice of airend.

6.Original “Morse” connection The airend and motor use a “Morse” connection making any future air end

maintenance convenient and simple to carry out. This method of connection avoids any damage to the motor,

greatly reducing maintenance costs.

7.Touch screen intelligent controller

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